Apple way vs Nintendo way

‘Switch’ is Nintendo’s next game console

I’d like to say 2 things about it.

  1. Design
  2. Nintendo’s view of how a mobile device should be connected to a TV.

Firstly, the design is really awesome. Traditionally Nintendo H/W design was not as sleek as that of Sony. Nintendo targett S younger kids and family with younger kids than Sony’s audience. Probably that was reason their design was like more about toys and looked cheap. However ‘Switch’ is different, very different.

Secondly, people at Nintendo look to consider about shortcomings of playing games on iDevices with help of Apple TV.
Playing games over AirPlay, which send audio and visual data, i.e. the game sound and screen, to a connected TV over WIFI. it was sluggish. Thats said as a reaon Apple put Game apps on Apple TV directly. Then its directly coonected to a TV over HDMI and a user controlls with their 🍎 remote controller or angame controller.
Whether games are played over AirPlay or AppleTV, you need an additional device, AppleTV, which provide basically same feauures you can get by hooking up your Mac or iOS devices to a TV or a big monitor directly. People need to spend extra money for AppleTV, but my personal experience with it was…. why do I need to buy this AppleTV additionally? I can do the same thing with my Mac or iPad. Apple people would have thought the same way. but if they announced a separate device like the dock for Nintendo Switch, people would think of it as a device for iOS devices. so, actual cost of owning iOS devices can be thought as more expensive than the price of iOS devices.
however, it’s 3 potatoes for the breakfast, 4 potatoes for the dinner, 朝三暮四.
if you have a family and need a living room device, AppleTV makes sense. but if you live alone or dont care hooking up iPad or iPhone using a longer HDMI cable, it’s waste of money. However by advertising AppleTV as a separate device which can cooperate with Mac and iDevices, people become to think that its not hidden cost for iDevices or Macs.

Anyway Apple’s way has these.
✔️ AirPlay ➡️ slow
✔️ hook up iDevices directly wit tv with HDMI ➡️ ok but you may need long HDMI cable.

However, Nintendo solves the problems this way.
✔️ hook up Nintendo with tv with short cable. Hook up a game controller with the console over wireless signal ➡️ good speed. Logically requires a lot less bandwidth between what you hold and the other side of devices.

Simple but different idea brings big difference. Also because the dock is included in the package and Nintendo Switch is not an iPhone or an iPad, people don’t care even though they are buying a new device, the Switch, additionally.

Apple could introduce such a dock and remote game controller for iDevices.
what if nintendo announces such dock someday…. i dont think they would do if the Switch is very successful and saves the company. but if not, they would say, game console era is gone. it’s mobile phone era for gaming. and.. announce such a dock for iDevices and Android devices…